Sai Kee selects only the very best in the coffee industries. Our suppliers and business partners are all world-class companies specialising in coffee equipment for many decades.


Milano Espresso Machine

Manufacturer for Milano, C.M.A of Italy has been a market leader for espresso machines around the world. Every year 25,000 units professional espresso machines are produced and delivered worldwide. Their machines are heavy duty, reliable and economical to run for cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Mazzer Coffee Grinder

Mazzer is not ordinary coffee grinder that turns coffee beans into ground coffee. With an impressive production history of 50 years, Mazzer produces 35,000 units of coffee grinders worldwide each year. In fact, it has set a very high standard for coffee grinding with a strong record of research and development. Wherever there is a professional espresso machine, there is a Mazzer next to it.

Bodum Coffee Plunger

Bodum of Switzerland, since 1944, has perfected the art of coffee brewing with its wide range of coffee plungers for everyday use. It has produced more than 100 million coffee plungers worldwide. It is the king of coffee plungers everywhere around the world.

Teak Wood Kopitiam Set

Only the best teak wood from the Indonesian forests are used to produce the Kopitiam set with one table and four chairs. They come with original Italian marble with beautiful carvings. They are comfortable and rock solid. They age well over the years.

434 Cups and Saucers

Our cups and saucers are a must for our loyal coffee lovers at offices and homes. Claytan Ceramics of Johor has been commissioned to develop the designs. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. They are sold in half a dozen.