Coffee strengthens the bonds among people. It helps one to relax his mind and stimulate creativity at the same time. A good cup of coffee starts from careful attention in the nursery to the last drip in the cup. At Sai Kee, we dedicated 50 years of love and passion into coffee roasting.

We pay great attention on sourcing, storing, roasting, blending and packaging to satisfy our ever demanding customers. We try to win over the hearts and minds all over. We do it with passion, and we roast coffee with great joy and pride.

Our products are certified by
Department of Islamic Development
Malaysia as Halal Food.

Kopi Elephant
Like Elephants in the jungle, Kopi Elephant stands out among all coffees.

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How We Brew Good Coffee
Learn about the four rules to brew your perfect cup of coffee at home.

Take a virtual tour of Muar,
birthplace of the famous Kopi 434.